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Success stories

Assisted clients in asset purchase of business worth approximately $1,000,000.00. When seller unfairly competed and illegally attempted to use tradename he had sold, we sued and won a full recovery for our clients, from circuit court through unanimous Wisconsin Supreme Court decision upholding the award and allowing recovery of punitive damages and attorney fees.

A multi-year litigation on behalf of minority shareholders against business brokers for fraud in the sale of majority shareholders stock. The brokers assisted former president, who sold his majority interest in the company to outsiders and allowed them to mortgage the corporate assets in order to give the loan proceeds to the buyers to pay for the major-ity stock. A weeklong trial resulted in a 2.9 million dollar judgment and ultimately a $3.6 million recovery on behalf of the shareholders.

Represented employer against employees who locked the employer out of the office while they copied all of the company’s computer records and then deleted them from the company computers. They then started competing business using those records. A jury trial resulted in a favorable verdict.

Represented a small insurance company with sales in approximately 30 states when vice president and his spouse secretly set up separate company, then used their positions with the insurance company to funnel work through this intermediary company, diverting profits to themselves. We brought an action against the vice president, his spouse and others. After a 7-day jury trial, we obtained a substantial award, which forced the former employees out of business.

Represented minority shareholder in oppression case when he was fired after complaining about the president’s spending company money for his personal living expenses. The jury trial resulted in full recovery for client.

Represented minority shareholder in securities fraud action in federal court against remaining shareholders. The minority shareholder held 40% of the stock, but was fired without cause. The other shareholders purchased his stock and represented that they had no plans to sell the company. Shortly thereafter, the remaining shareholders sold the company for millions of dollars. Recovered $3,400,000.00 for client.

Represented a Wisconsin brewery in a trade name infringement claim against a national beer manufacturer, resulting in a favorable settlement where manufacturer paid the Wisconsin brewery for the right to use the trade name at issue.

Represented a corporation in a merger with a holding company where dissenting shareholders sued, challenging the appraised value of their shares, which resulted in a judgment for the corporation upholding the proper appraisal.

Represented a 50% shareholder and officer in a national communications company who was sued for breaching his fiduciary duty by allegedly self-dealing and competing with the company, resulting in a jury verdict finding that there was no violation and the shareholder was exonerated.

Represented an international manufacturer of industrial equipment in a lawsuit successfully blocking a competitor from using the client’s trade secret methods, and subsequently successfully suing a co-conspirator of the first defendant from trying to continue using the trade secret.

Represented an employee of a national franchise who was sued in multiple state courts for breaching his noncompetition agreement, and successfully arguing to a Wisconsin court that the case should be decided in Wisconsin and that the agreement was overbroad and void under Wisconsin law.

Represented a national manufacturer of customized industrial equipment in a contract dispute where the equipment buyer alleged a breach of a written contract. Successfully argued to a federal district court and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals that the contract had been modified verbally and by the party’s conduct resulting in a judgment of several hundred thousand dollars.